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We understand content. hyScore is an independent, cross-industry SaaS provider of innovative content analysis solutions combining Natural Language Processing and other methods with Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) approaches.

With the flexible hyScore solutions, texts, websites, documents, audio and video (in real-time), in currently 22 languages, can be analyzed to gain business-relevant insights and knowledge.

In addition to scalable ready-to-use solutions on technological marketplaces (e.g. AWS Marketplace), the technology can be individually trained and adapted to special requirements. In addition, we support and advise our customers in the optimal use of NLP and Machine Learning.

Our SaaS solutions are used by brands, agencies, publishers and technology platforms.


- Cloud-based, high scalable analytics solutions in real-time, which can be individualized per customer, use case and industry

- Language support for more than 20 languages from any digital source (text/website/document/audio/video)

- Industry, application/use-case and platform-independent

- Simple, fast and uncomplicated integration

- Customer Service, Consulting and Support

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23.03.2018 Kontextuelle Daten für alles und jeden!

"Wir finden kontextuelle Intelligenz und die entsprechenden Daten sind im Daten-Mix super wichtig. Neben dutzenden Anwendungsmöglichkeiten geben sie beispielsweise auch Auskunft über den Inhalt eines Textes, über das Umfeld oder auch die Gefühlslage die sich darin spiegelt", sagt Michael Böcher,... Read full article

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We understand content.
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